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SDI Consulting s.r.l. (Hereinafter referred to as "SDIC")

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In these conditions of sale, it is understood by the following terms:

"Buyer" means any individual (B2C) or corporate (B2B) that is or will be in a contractual relationship with SDIC of any kind it is. Any Buyer agrees not to buy SDIC products in the sole purpose of reselling them without express permission of SDIC. The Buyer will then also covered by the words 'you' and 'yours'.

"Consumer" means any natural person acting for purposes which are outside the scope of his business or professional activity.

"Products": all goods and services which are the subject of this sales contract.

"Goods manufactured to the specifications of the Consumer": not prefabricated commodities but manufactured on the basis of an individual choice or decision of the Consumer.

"Sales Contract" means any contract by which the trader undertakes to transfer the ownership of goods and / or to provide a service to the Buyer, the Buyer engaging in turn to pay the price.


Among the buyers, SDIC establish multiple profiles:

  • Profile assigned to individuals.
  • Profile attributed to legal persons.

The choice of one of two profiles has consequences for the Buyer at the maximum order quantities, prices and the level of delivery. Users Legal Persons are required to complete the profile for them.


These conditions of sale apply to all sales of products, present and future agreements between the SDIC and Buyer. By using the website, the Buyer accepts these Terms and any other rights and obligations as listed on the website.

These terms and conditions are in principle always and exclusively apply, but specific exceptions are possible. Such exemptions are valid only insofar as they are the result of a mutual agreement and are specifically provided in writing. If this is the case, the derogation will be valid only replace or supplement the terms to which it relates. The other provisions of these Terms remain in any case fully applicable.

SDIC reserves the right to alter and / or supplement at any time these terms and conditions for future orders. Any change will have no impact on current orders and contracts that result.


4.1 Offer

Any offer is brought online with the utmost care. SDIC is committed to make available sufficient information on product specifications, including technical descriptions and photos to illustrate these products. To do this, SDIC is based largely on data provided by his partners and suppliers.

Each offer made by SDIC is a simple invitation to the Buyer to order and can not therefore be considered as a firm offer in respect of SDIC. The offers on the website are valid only within the limits of available stock. If a product you ordered is not in stock, SDIC clearly inform you by email within fifteen (15) days after placing the order.

SDIC reserves the right to apply specific conditions for one or more bids, giving him such a limited period, or a maximum amount depending on the buyer profile. These specific conditions will be explicitly communicated before placing the order.

If an offer is clearly the subject of an error or fault, SDIC is not bound by it. Notorious or manifest errors in the indication of the price, as obvious inaccuracies, can be corrected by SDIC, even after the conclusion of the contract.

SDIC can establish an individual offer where the customer expressly so request. Such nominative offer has a validity period of fourteen (14) days, unless a different period is stated in the offer. These general conditions are applicable to this offer, as well as all contracts that result.

4.2 Prices

All prices are quoted in euros and include VAT and any other taxes. Not included in the price of individual product:

  • the cost of delivery and installation, as well as any additional related costs (Cf. insurance for shipping);
  • costs related to the use of specific payment methods, if they have been expressly communicated to the Buyer.

CAUTION: Although SDIC do everything in its power to indicate full price, there may be special circumstances to a surcharge, as if additional insurance. These additional expenses, which include eg import duties, transportation costs and delivery, postage or premiums, are borne by the Buyer and are communicated after order confirmation.

If the Buyer acts within its business or professional activities, the price can be displayed excluding VAT and other taxes if expressly requested. Buyer must contact us for this business number.

SDIC has the right to change prices at any time, but undertakes to apply the prices indicated on the site at the time of placing the order. If the price change is due to changes in VAT rates, it will be charged to the Buyer.

4.3  Acceptance

We provide an easy online ordering method to use to purchase products in the range of SDIC. When placing the order, the Purchaser must indicate on the form if it performs said command as an individual or as a corporation or. The purchase is binding on the Buyer as soon as he completed his order. SDIC will send an order confirmation by email at the address specified by the Buyer, at the latest within seven (7) days of order placement. This order confirmation is the time of conclusion of the contract.

SDIC may at any time decide not to send order confirmation or unilaterally refuse an order in an express declaration. If SDIC refuse the product order, there will be no question of an agreement and all payments already made will be quickly repaid.

If an order can not be carried out or can not be done only in part, SDIC inform the Buyer and eventually offered him an alternative. If SDIC refuse the order or if the Buyer does not agree with the proposed alternatives, there can be no question of contract and any payments already made are quickly reimbursed. The Buyer then has no right to any form of compensation.

According to the law of 11 March 2003 on certain legal aspects of services of the information society, the parties expressly agree that a contract is validly concluded by the use of electronic means of communication. To prove the contract, SDIC can make use of all electronic files to it, to the extent permitted by law. In particular, the lack of a traditional signature or electronic digital quality in no way prejudice the binding force of the offer and its acceptance.


5.1 Time

Each command is always treated with the utmost care, within thirty (30) days of order confirmation. Regarding the profile "natural person", the transmission is done only after receipt of payment. In terms of the profile "legal person", the sending can be done before payment. In exceptional cases, SDIC will recognize the right to stipulate a larger delivery. These periods of special deliveries will always be communicated to the Buyer within a reasonable time after the confirmation of the order. Delivery dates mentioned on our site have a purely indicative value. The Purchaser may not terminate the contract if SDIC fails to make delivery within the prescribed period dérogatoirement. In such a termination, SDIC quickly reimburse all amounts paid, no later than fourteen (14) days after termination of the agreement.

5.2 Method of delivery

The Purchaser has the choice between the following methods of delivery:

  • Delivery by an external transportation service: bpost and Mondial Relay.
  • Withdrawal of products in the SDIC offices (for the profile "legal person" only).

All additional costs related to an alternative delivery method will be borne by the Buyer.

The Buyer has no right to terminate the contract if the delivery method of choice is not possible.

The use of external parties can affect delivery. SDIC not responsible if delivery is too late, or if the order is lost due to the fault of others, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. If an already sent order is not delivered within the specified time, an investigation is in the carrier, which can take several days. During this period, it is not possible to make a refund or a replacement shipping.

When the delivery takes place by means of an internal or external carrier, there are delivery as soon as the products ordered are delivered once to the address. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to enable delivery to the agreed place, in his presence or in the presence of a third party designated by him. If delivery fails due to a failure of the Buyer or the third party designated by him, the cost of this delivery attempt will be fully borne by the Buyer. If Buyer is absent at the time of delivery, the Buyer must follow the procedure proposed by the external carrier.

5.3 Risks and Installation

SDIC assumes the risk of damage and / or loss of the goods until the moment of delivery. The risk is transferred to the Buyer as soon as the products ordered are received by the Purchaser or a third party designated by him. Each delivery in principle requires the signing of a delivery confirmation, but the absence of such a signature does not affect the transfer of risk.

5.4 Specific: finishing work

For finishing work on materials transferred by the Client, SDIC is solely responsible for the performance of his own work. Errors and defects in the transferred materials for finishing may lie with SDIC. The Buyer is aware that the original guarantee scheme transferred materials may be canceled by performing these finishing work.

SDIC determines in its discretion when it execute these finishing work. Storage of materials transferred before and / or after finishing work on the land and buildings of SDIC takes place under the sole responsibility of the Buyer. SDIC is not liable for any damage suffered by the materials transferred during storage.

5.5 Subcontracting and assignment

The seller may subcontract all or part of the execution of the sale to a third party without the prior written consent of the buyer. He may also assign all or part of the sale to a third party without the prior written consent of the buyer.


the price as indicated in the order confirmation is the final price to be paid. If this price does not correspond to the price as it appeared at the last moment of the purchase confirmation, the Buyer must inform SDIC within seven (7) calendar days following the confirmation of the order. The filing of a complaint does not result in the suspension of payment.

Regarding credit cards and online payment methods below: subject to activation of these means of payment at the SDIC webshop.

In principle, each payment is processed immediately, ie at the moment the order is placed by the Buyer. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.)
  • Debit cards (Maestro, Bancontact, etc.)
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash

SDIC takes all possible and appropriate precautions to ensure the security of your online transactions. We guarantee this security by using payment partners and authorized credit card issuers.

The secure system offered by Stripe is responsible for further processing the payment. This closed security system always processes your bank details in encrypted form. The necessary security measures are taken by the payment provider via SSL technology.

The Buyer may use a means of payment which does not imply immediate payment due to its nature, such as a bank transfer. The Buyer has a payment period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the invoice.

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SDIC s.p.r.l.u.
Rue des Palais 33 boite G7
1030 Brussels, Belgium

Communication: your order number

The Buyer is automatically considered legally in default if he fails to act within the payment period. A default results in the perception of default interest in the amount of 12% of the invoice amount, in addition to compensation for the order to pay up to 10% of the invoice amount, with a absolute minimum of € 75 and a maximum of € 2,000. These compensation fees are due immediately and automatically. SDIC may seek reimbursement of all costs (extra) resulting additional court costs incurred following the non payment of the Purchaser.

SDIC perform its delivery obligation once the full payment has been made unless otherwise provided by SDIC on the order form. SDIC retains ownership of all products until full payment of all amounts due under this contract, regardless of whether delivered or not already occurred.


SDIC still aim to satisfy customers of its products. However, the existence of defects and complaints formulation can not be completely excluded. Our approach to security allows us to return to your satisfaction. Please note that this warranty applies only if the requirements are met. Additional commercial guarantees are always possible and are specifically disclosed.

The legal guarantee provided by Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code is fully applicable to this contract. Therefore, any buyer has the right to compensation if it finds a lack of conformity of goods sold, as long as the legal conditions are met. The Customer also benefits from a legal guarantee of two (2) years. The Buyer can not invoke a warranty claim if he was aware of the defect at the time of sale.

Once the Buyer or a third party designated by him receives the products, it is required to examine them closely. The Buyer shall perform the following actions for non-compliance:

  1. Buyer shall communicate its claim to SDIC writing of explicit and reasoned manner, and unambiguous. It is the duty of the Buyer to sufficiently motivate its claim, preferably through all reasonable technical means available, such as through photos or videos. The complaint must be sent:
    1. within seven (7) calendar days of delivery, if the product is assigned a default visible from the outside;
    2. within seven (7) calendar days of becoming aware that the product is characterized by a latent defect;
    3. Exception for Consumers: within two (2) months of becoming aware that the product is characterized by a latent defect. All in accordance with the statutory warranty period.
  2. The Buyer must return the goods within seven (7) calendar days of communication of the claim. Defective products must be sent to SDIC in their original condition, including packaging, accessories and documentation, and always accompanied by the invoice and proof of payment valid. Any violation of this obligation implies a proportional reduction of the rebate. Return costs are still borne by the Buyer.

The return postage is always at the risk of the Purchaser. SDIC recommends reship the goods by registered and with insurance, to avoid the risk of loss and theft.

The guarantee does not apply to:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear or accidental or intentional changes made by Buyer, including the improper and incorrect use and exposure to moisture, fire, earthquake or other external causes.
  • Damage caused by installation and use of non-compliance with instructions and information products. These instructions and information are also transmitted through electronic media.
  • Damage caused after the withdrawal of a joint between elements and after removal or degradation of the serial number and other product lines of coding. The buyer or unauthorized third party can not remove the seal without the express written consent of SDIC or manufacturer.
  • Consumable items such as batteries, etc. which are provided with.

In the absence of substantiated complaint, the Buyer has no right to return products. If satisfied with the conditions above, the Buyer has first right place to repair or replacement free of charge, as long as the situation allows. SDIC is liable for repayment when the repair or replacement does not produce the same benefit to the Purchaser. Buyer shall communicate it clearly and motivated. The eventual compensation that results can never be greater than the amount charged to the Buyer.

If the following conditions are not met and that the goods are returned wrongly SDIC return the products to the Buyer. The costs associated with this expedition in return are borne by the Buyer. In this case, SDIC is free to store products with third parties for the account and risk of the Buyer, as long as the referral fees are not set.


8.1. When the Consumer he has a right of withdrawal?

All Consumer has a right of withdrawal in accordance with Article VI. 47 of the Code of Economic Law, provided that the following conditions are met. Consistent with this right of withdrawal, the Consumer has the right to waive the purchase within fourteen (14) days from the day following the delivery of the product. The Consumer is not required to pay any fine or compensation, nor should explain its decision to exercise its right of withdrawal. SDIC however appreciate receiving feedback from you in order to improve our services.

If the Consumer is validly exercised its right of withdrawal, SDIC promptly refund the Consumer, and certainly within fourteen (14) calendar days. SDIC will refund to the same bank account as the one from which it received the initial payment unless the Customer has expressly decided otherwise. In all cases, no fees will be charged for the refund.

Warning ! If the Consumer has selected a delivery method that differs from the cheapest standard way, these additional shipping charges will not be refunded.

The Consumer does not have the right to abandon its purchase in the following cases:

  • service contracts after the service has been fully performed if the performance has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer, which also acknowledged that he will lose his right of withdrawal once the contract has been fully executed by the company (Article VI.53.1 ° code of commercial law);
  • the provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market outside the company's control, which may occur during the withdrawal period (Article VI.53.2 ° code of commercial law);
  • the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized (Article VI.53.3 ° code of commercial law);
  • the provision of goods liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (Article VI.53.4 ° code of commercial law);
  • the supply of sealed goods can not be returned for reasons of protection of health or hygiene that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery (Article VI.53.5 ° code of commercial law);
  • the provision of goods which, having been delivered, and by their nature, are mixed inseparably with other items (Article VI.53.6 ° code of commercial law);
  • the supply of digital content not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer, which also recognized and will lose his right of withdrawal (Article VI.53.13 ° Code economic law).

8.2   How to exercise this right of withdrawal correctly?

The consumer who wishes to invoke his right of withdrawal must always communicate to SDIC expressly and unambiguously, and must in writing. This communication shall take place within fourteen (14) calendar days from:

  • the date of receipt (physical) products (for sale)
  • the date of conclusion of the contract (in case of service delivery contract)

It is the Consumer's responsibility to prove that he can rely on his right of withdrawal. He will have to communicate to SDIC, clearly, the following information:

  • Mention of the following three dates: date of the order, date of receipt and date on which the withdrawal right is invoked;
  • Name and address of the Consumer;
  • Signature of the Consumer.

After bringing the decision to the knowledge of SDIC, the Customer must promptly return the goods to him, within fourteen (14) calendar days of communication. This expedition in return must be sent via a traceable carrier. The return of a control is in any case the expense and risk of the Consumer. SDIC reserves the right to suspend the repayment as long as no proof of return was provided by the Consumer.

Buyer is responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from the handling if it goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning. SDIC is entitled to proportionately reflect this decrease in value on redemption.

Misuse of the right of withdrawal is established on the part of the Consumer, or fails to fulfill the conditions prescribed above. In this case, the products will be returned to the Customer, for its own account and risk. SDIC is committed to clearly communicate the reasons for the return to the Consumer.


If SDIC sees prevented in whole or in part to meet its obligations to the other party due to circumstances beyond its control, it is then a question of force majeure. In this case, SDIC is not required to meet its obligations to the other party. SDIC is authorized to suspend its obligations for the duration of the force majeure.


All intellectual property rights and all related rights remain the property of SDIC and / or the copyright holder. Intellectual property rights include copyright, trademark law, the law of designs and / or other rights (intellectual property), including know-how, methods and concepts and technical / or business may or may not be patented. The Buyer has no right to use and / or make changes to intellectual property rights described in this article, unless it is a simple private use of the product itself.


The information you provided are necessary for treatment and completion of orders, and for the drafting of accounts and collateral arrangements. If this information is not available, the order will be immediately canceled. The transmission of incorrect or falsified personal data is considered a breach of these Terms of Sale. Personal data of the Buyer will be exclusively processed in a manner consistent with applicable privacy statement, available on the website of SDIC.


Belgian law is applicable to the exclusion of any other, to all offers and to all contracts. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded.

All disputes related to or arising out of SDIC tenders or contracts with it, will be subject to the jurisdiction over the courts of the judicial district where the SDIC headquartered.